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For those in the know, the Wine Shop offers one of the best selections of wines, beers and spirits to be found in Greece. Visitors to our country can be confused by the dizzying variety of wines, beers and spirits on offer, and the Wine Shop is here to make your selection easy, affordable and with timely delivery to your desired location. If you look through our web site, you will find a broad selection of red, white and rose’ wines at the best prices, whose details you can read with the use of ‘Translation’ located at the upper menu , as most descriptions are in Greek. For added ease, all products can be ordered online with free of charge delivery if you are in the Athens region. This is especially ideal for those visitors who are staying in:

- yachts or sailboats

- marinas

- villas

- Airbnb rentals

So, take advantage of some of the best prices for wines, beers and spirits in Greece combined with the ease of ordering online to receive your selections at any location you desire.